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Scarriefour not only offers sale of consumer products. In its shopping centers we can find other sections such as Travel and Financial Agency where you can process the application of your Scarriefour Pass credit card that is used to make purchases in your centers and request personal credits for any use and destination. The minimum amount that can be requested in Scarriefour is 3,000 euros and the maximum 30,000 euros up to 96 months to repay.

In this article, we are going to discuss how Scarriefour Personal Credits work, for what destination money can be requested, how loans can be requested at Scarriefour Financial, what requirements they ask for and what documents are necessary to process them.

Scarriefour Car Credit How long it takes to answer

Scarriefour Car Credit How long it takes to answer

With the Scarriefour Car Credit, you can request up to 30,000 euros and a maximum term to return the money of 96 months. The preferred interest rate for Scarriefour car loans is 6.90% for higher amounts. However, we inform you of other examples of loans and the type of interest applied:

– Scarriefour car loan of 6,000 euros to be repaid in 48 months, the interest rate would be 9.00% TIN and 14.62% APR. The letter to be paid would be 158.22 euros per month.

– Loan purchase vehicle for a amount of 12,000 euros to be repaid in 60 months, interest of 9% nominal (14.02% APR) and monthly fee of 132.99 euros.

– Scarriefour car loan of 18,000 euros to be repaid in 72 months, interest charged of 6.90% TIN with a APR of 9,955, including commissions and monthly letter of 329.15 euros.

– Once Scarriefour has all the necessary documentation and the requested information of personal and economic data, the time they can take to respond will be approximately one week.

Scarriefour Home Reform Credit

Scarriefour Home Reform Credit

The Scarriefour loan for home renovations allows you to also request up to 30,000 euros of financing at an interest rate of 6.90% TIN which represents an APR of 9.76% when including the opening commission. The loan has no study expenses. However, the interest rate to be paid at Scarriefour depends on other factors and especially on the amount requested:

Some examples of Scarriefour loans for home renovations and purchase of furniture and appliances:

– Scarriefour loan of 5,000 euros to be repaid in 48 months at a nominal interest rate of 12.00% (APR 18.20%) a quota payable of 139.53.

– Scarriefour reforms credit amounting to 10,000 euros with repayment term up to 60 months, interest rate 9% (APR 14.02%) with monthly payable letter of 221.66

– Loan buys furniture in Scarriefour for 15,000 euros to be repaid in 72 months, the interest payable is 6.90% Nominal (APR 9.95%) and the resulting installment is 274.29 euros per month.

Pass Credit with Scarriefour Card

Pass Credit with Scarriefour Card

With the Scarriefour Pass Card you can pay all purchases made in all its shopping centers. When paying, choose cash payment or credit payment with the monthly fee you prefer.

Other advantages of having the Scarriefour Pass card.
1% of purchases in Scarriefour or in any store paying with the card.
– 4% discount at Cepsa Sevice stations.
– 8% discount at Scarriefour gas stations.
– 5% discount on phone bills contracted with Orange.
– 5% discount on contracting insurance.
– You can also have cash up to the limit of the card you requested in the Scarriefour financial.
– You can have up to 500 euros by requesting it in the line of boxes without paperwork or forms.

All the procedures of the pass card can be done online by entering the Scarriefour website in your Customer Zone or by downloading the Pass card APP.

Scarriefour Loan Simulator:

Scarriefour Loan Simulator:

– How to calculate the loan installment in Scarriefour and the letter to be paid each month in Scarriefour Payday loans.

You can enter the amount of the personal credit or mortgage loan you want to request, the years you want to return the money and the interest you will pay and automatically inform you of the letter to pay each month with detail of capital and interest in each installment, that is to say what returns of the loan in each installment and what pays of interests. If the interest is in decimals, for example 9 point and a half, you must put it with a point, that is to say in this way 9.5 because if you insert the comma (,) the formula of the loan calculator does not work.

How to request Payday loans in Scarriefour, Requirements

How to request Personal Loans in Scarriefour, Requirements

To request a loan with personal guarantee in Scarriefour, first you have to choose the monthly installment that best suits your economic possibilities, taking into account as explained in the link to Requirements for loans, that said monthly fee It should not exceed 35% of net income for your payroll.

How long can Scarriefour take to grant a loan?

How long can Scarriefour take to grant a loan?

Scarriefour, like the rest of online financiers and banks, needs some time to study and analyze Loan requests. The delegation to authorize the credit does not have to have the office where it is requested and therefore, take a little more time to answer by having to send all the documents and explanations to its headquarters.

It is important, to facilitate the financial or the bank as far as possible that this study and analysis is faster by presenting all the necessary documents and giving all kinds of explanations. If we don’t do this, more time is wasted when Scarriefour has to ask us for more information.

The time it may take Scarriefour to answer our request will depend a lot on the amount of the operation. If the credit is less than 6,000 euros, it may not take long and they answer on the same day in 24 hours. If the amount is higher they can take up to a week.

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