Borrow money for renovation (tips and example) – Renovation Loan

If you have decided to lastly renovate your house then you will have to look for borrowing money for that renovation, it usually will go well in the papers and when you do not have enough savings you will still have to ask for help from the lender. But which credit score is eligible for this plus over what period are you going to pay back.

Could it be about a major renovation that could cost around € fifty, 000 then it might be a remedy to think about a second mortgage. When it is a lower amount, you can choose a revolving credit or a personal bank loan.

Borrow the cash for a renovation

Borrow money for renovation

It really is probably one of the most useful occasions to take out a loan, since following the renovation your house will probably be really worth more and you can see the mortgage as an investment that may spend on itself later. This is obviously about a house for sale, prior to refurbishing a rental home you will not see the investment again, in addition, to wonder whether this really is useful or not.

Second mortgage

Second mortgage

Another mortgage can be a solution when the amount you want to spend on redesigning your house is a substantial quantity. The advantage of a second mortgage is that you simply can repay it over the very long term so that you pay back a very modest amount every month. There are also several tax advantages so that you can deduct the interest with this loan on your annual taxes return.

Yet there are also some disadvantages, specifically if you want to start quickly, another mortgage application can take quite a long time, but generally you have to go to the notary, which in turn entails all kinds of expenses. The application also takes lengthier, but you have to take it into consideration for around two weeks.

Personal loan


You can obtain a personal loan quickly and when authorized, the loan is generally distributed around you immediately. You can proceed from an amount of € five thousand with a maximum of more than € 100, 000. Of course you’ll want enough income to be entitled, the advantage of this form of credit is that you have money rapidly at your disposal, you do not have to go to the notary, so you also have no extra costs.

The revolving credit is made accessible to you via a separate account along with a personal you can be eligible for the tax deduction with regard to curiosity.

Renovation loan


The tax authorities have got drawn up a number of rules for any so-called renovation loan. Learn these rules carefully to be able to claim the interest deduction. Among the rules is that you can only make use of the money from the revolving credit score or personal loan for the restoration, this means that you carefully maintain all receipts so that you can verify this later.

Also, the loan might not be deposited into an existing account, so you must open a different account with the bank with this. These are just a few examples of situations that you must meet, the good examples are incomplete and it is as a result advisable to check the website from the tax authorities to see exactly what all the conditions are for any renovation loan.

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