Borrow 500 euros

Just borrow 500 euros. It’s a small amount, can’t it be difficult? The mini loan is well known, but there are also other options to quickly borrow 500 euros. You can of course visit family or friends, but you can also opt for standing in red, requesting revolving credit, requesting a loan from individuals and […]

Save or borrow?

Do you need money? Extra spending space or do you want to make a larger purchase? Then borrowing is an option, but you can also save for it. Save or borrow? What is the best then? Saving is always cheaper. After all, with a loan you pay interest and after that you also spend a […]

Financing renovation?

Will you turn your house into a dream house? A new kitchen, finally the other bathroom? An attic full of light and space with a dormer window? A conservatory to involve your garden in your living room? Or do you want to reduce your energy bill and at the same time contribute to the environment […]