Ameriplan® Dental Plan

  • Choose from over 30,000 network dental providers in the Ameriplan network all across the country.
  • Up to to 70% savings on dental procedures performed by a Program dentist.
  • 25% savings on specialist work such as braces, oral surgery, root canals, gum treatment and children's dentistry.
  • All existing conditions ( on going problems) accepted except for orthodontic treatment in progress.
  • Unlimited visits - go to the dentist as often as you wish!
  • No waiting period.  Apply online today - go to the dentist today ( if paying with an authorized credit card).
  • Family memberships can have up to TWENTY members on on emembership plan!  This is an incredible value!  More info >>

Vision Benefits

  • Save between 20%-60% on most glass frames, plastic or glass lenses, and tints or scratch resistant coatings!
  • Save between 5% and 30% on regular eye exams and surgery (including RK & ALK) with certain providers in selected markets across the country.
  • Save up to 60% on select contact lensessuch as daily wear, extended wear, disposable contacts, tinted contacts, bifocals, and even gas permeable. NOTE: Contacts must be purchased through our mail order program.
  • Our vision plan does include LASIK eye surgery ,however locations are limited.  QualSight® LASIK Vision Correction — Call 1-888-582-6695 for locations QualSight® provides savings of 40% to 50% off the national average price on LASIK for AmeriPlan Dental Plus™ or AmeriPlan Health® members. Call 1-888-582-6695 to choose a local provider from our network of Board Certified Ophthalmologists. Financing as low as $52 per month. Over 800 locations Nationwide!!
  • Unlimited use with our vision plan - get as many pairs of glasses as you wish! 
  • There are approxitmately 12 thousand vision care providers are in our vision care network which is administered by Coast to Coast Vision. 
  • All you do is make an appointment (and be sure to take your membership ID card with you), to save lots of $$$!  Remember to show your vision care center the Coast to Coast Vision logo on the back of your membership ID card. More info >> 

Ameriplan Rx Program

  • Our discount prescription program is administered by HealthTrans
  • Save up to 25% on most brand name prescription drugs.
  • Save up 50% on most generic produced drugs.
  • Greater savings on maintenance type drugs through our mail order program.
  • Members will receive discounts on MOST prescription drugs either at their local retail pharmacy or by mail order.  Not ALL drugs are available with discounts - as with ANY type of discount plan.
  • Our plan has prescription monitoring service for your personal drug history.
  • There are more than 50,000 pharmacies in our network, i.e. Eckerds, Walgreen's, K-Mart and more.
  • Unlimited use!
  • Toll Free number available to find pharmacies in your area. Present your membership ID card to your local pharmacist to save money on your prescriptions!  More info >>

Ameriplan Chiropratic Benefits 

  • 30%-50% savings on chiropractic care through our network of more than 7500 private chiropractors.
  • Free initial consultation!
  • Up to 50% savings on diagnostic services and x-rays (if required).
  • Up to 30% savings on treatments and most other services.

 More info >>